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Guide To Using Bitcoin (BTC) At Online Poker

We live in an era where tangibility has been superseded by digital concepts. People are now being equipped with the best technology to effectively use the various additions to the portfolio of the major tech companies. Money is the one thing that could change the world order; the poor value a currency holds could topple the economy if the right strategies aren’t used. Fiat currencies are being handled by central agencies to set the transactions running in the right direction.

Over the past decade, Bitcoin has popped up out from the world technology into the fiscal space of several countries. As a concept, this was initially approached with skepticism. However, people are acclimatizing to the changing conditions of digital transactions. Bitcoin is now being used over several platforms, and gambling is one of them. If you are a fan of poker, the option to bet using Bitcoin is open now. Here is a short guide to using Bitcoin for your regular poker sessions.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin has grown to become a tantalizing option for people playing online poker. Most poker sessions offered on online casinos require real money, and this has kept poker from being regulated like video games. On the other hand, Bitcoin wouldn’t allow almost everyone to access poker; it facilitates easy transfer of cash to and from online poker sites. Since it is a digital currency, no government authority or ruling body oversees the activities. You don’t need to wait weeks for the transactions to be processed. Bitcoin transfers the amount in seconds, and it also doesn’t charge you any fee for the same. These reasons are making Bitcoin a better option to play poker than real money.

Working of Bitcoin Poker

People with powerful computers can dedicate their machines to record and verify the payments on the public ledger. This is then used to play the games you wish. Every transaction made with Bitcoin for the game will be completed in seconds when the miners allocate every transfer to the blocks.

Bitcoin Poker

Steps to Using Bitcoin for Online Poker


1. Sign up for an Exchange

You need some Bitcoin before you get started with a game. Sign up for the services of an exchange to buy Bitcoin from other owners. You can also ask your friend to send some to your wallet. But most people prefer an exchange over such methods.

2. Purchase Bitcoin

Once you have signed up, it is time to get some Bitcoin. Add some fiat currency to your account so that you can exchange it for digital money. Credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, and bank transfers are accepted by most exchanges.


3. Get a Wallet

The next most important step is to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, where you can store your digital currency. Transfer your Bitcoin to this account.

4. Create an Online Poker Account, Transfer the Money, and Get Started

Once you have your Bitcoins in place, sign up for an account on any reputable online poker site. Send the Bitcoins from your wallet to the online poker account. Once this transfer has been confirmed and verified, get started with your game.

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